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Leading the 2021 Missouri School Safety Academy in Partnership with MSBA

Kelly Moore
October 5, 2021

With a long-standing partnership with the Missouri School Board Association (MSBA), CrisisGo has strongly supported MSBA's Center for Education Safety (CES). Over the past 9 Months, CrisisGo and the Center have worked closely together to make Missouri schools safer for everyone. As a key sponsor of the first two School Safety Academies, CrisisGo provides instruction in crisis communications to approximately 150 participants from schools across Missouri. The School Safety Academy's purpose is to provide a strong foundation and overview of the whole-school, whole-community, and whole-child model to help school leaders identify strengths and new strategies to make our schools safer and further support the whole-child approach.

Missouri School Safety Academy 2021

MSBA offered the School Safety Academy participants a wide range of topics, including:

  • Multi-Tiered Support Systems & Legal Issues
  • Trauma-Informed Mental Health Resources
  • Emergency Operations Plans & Security Assessments
  • Youth Crisis Intervention and De-Escalation
  • Case Studies & Emergency Communication (CrisisGo)
  • Courage2Report and Cyber Security Fundamentals

As the topics were presented, several common themes emerged:

  1. Planning & Drilling are integral in providing a safe and supportive school environment.
  2. It's better to prevent an issue than respond to it; communication is the common thread connecting all things safety-related.
  3. Proper communication during an emergency is key to successfully identifying, preventing, and responding to any emergency.
  4. Poor communication will likely make a bad situation worse, causing long-term consequences for the school and their community.
  5. With the use of technology, crisis communication is so much more effective and efficient.
  6. When communication is quick and easy, managing the crisis becomes, significantly more manageable.

While technology makes communication more accessible, the genuine impact is connecting different communication contacts and management functions during an emergency, allowing multiple organizations and community entities to communicate in real-time. Using technology to practice communication during emergencies provides a significantly greater opportunity to properly get the help you need during an actual crisis.

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