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7 Strategies for a Successful School Safety Implementation

Kelly Moore
June 4, 2024

We've all been there – that familiar mistake at the all-you-can-eat buffet. It's tempting to load up on full-sized portions of our favorites right away, especially with so many choices available. However, this approach can limit our ability to experience everything the buffet offers.

Similarly, many Request for Proposals (RFPs) today exhibit the same tendency. Those issuing RFPs often attempt to address every conceivable concern without clearly defining what success looks like for them. While it's essential to outline the typical implementation process, it's crucial to differentiate between a typical and successful implementation based on a realistic assessment of capabilities and capacity.

You might be able to request a comprehensive school safety solution in a single RFP, but attempting to implement everything by a tight deadline, like July 1st to August 1st, will likely lead to failure. Here are some strategies to ensure success:

  1. Phase Your Implementation: Develop a phased implementation timeline aligned with your capabilities, allowing flexibility to adjust between phases.

  2. Set Mutual Expectations: Discuss with the project team post-award to establish mutually beneficial priorities and expectations.

  3. Establish a Foundation: Identify and implement a foundational system that effectively supports and integrates with other systems. It will allow you to grow and expand into your future phases and systems.

  4. Prioritize Comfort: Get familiar with each system's features before moving on to the next level.

  5. Effective Communication: Coordinate with different implementation teams and vendors based on priority.

  6. Vendor Collaboration: Engage vendors to test your understanding and provide necessary training and support.

  7. Continuous Support: Stay in touch with vendor teams to address obstacles and setbacks efficiently.

Successful implementation hinges on meticulous planning, beginning with a comprehensive gap analysis to identify needs and achieve goals. Rushing through new safety and security systems isn't ideal. By incorporating a robust implementation plan in your RFP, you can establish a sustainable school safety ecosystem for the long term.

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