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A Focus on Safety: Integrating CrisisGo's Safety Solutions with Actuate's AI

Carolyn Vento
April 14, 2022
Most businesses today rely on security cameras to track who is entering and exiting the buildings. While the cameras are the first level of protection, your existing security systems can be easily upgraded. One addition is to use CrisisGo’s safety platform to automatically trigger alerts to security teams, providing them with location information. Business owners—you can find relief knowing you will be conveniently alerted about potential threats right from your own device, no matter where you are. Another layer of protection can be found with Actuate’s AI camera software that can identify threats such as guns, intruders, crowds, loitering, and more. Actuate’s software works with existing security cameras, with no extra hardware required. By integrating your existing security system with both CrisisGo and Actuate, your business can reach the highest level of safety. Not only will you receive alerts from CrisisGo, but the alerts will include Actuate’s AI video frames of an incident.
Cameras Alone Are Not Enough
Businesses, including transit companies in big cities, are realizing that relying only on security cameras is not sufficient for keeping people safe. The cameras require preventative maintenance and timely repairs. Also, if there is an incident, it takes law enforcement days, weeks, or even months to go through all of the footage to find the evidence they need, as the cameras are usually not monitored. After a mass shooting in a Brooklyn subway station this past week caused an extensive manhunt for the suspect, state officials say that New York's transit agency was warned many times in the past five years that just having the cameras isn't enough. Artificial intelligence and safety solutions that have alerting and two-way communication components are available and should be incorporated whenever possible.
Maximize Camera Effectiveness With Real-Time Tracking
Actuate’s software constantly analyzes your business’s existing security cameras, frame by frame, looking for possible threats such as weapons, intruders, or loiterers. When a security camera senses motion, it wakes up the model. The model will then pull frames and make a decision. It takes one frame per second for a person and 3 to 5 frames per second for a gun. The software reduces false positives by as much as 99%. Once a threat is detected, it can issue an immediate alert through CrisisGo to designated staff with the exact location, a timestamp on the incident, detected frames, and a bounding box. The bounding box around the threat detected allows you to know what to focus on. For example, by focusing on a specific area with the box, you can easily see and describe the appearance of an intruder. Later, you can use CrisisGo to generate any needed reports as the information can be stored digitally with our solution.
combining crisisgo and actuate
Increase Response Times
Since CrisisGo is immediately alerted after being integrated with Actuate, response times are increased with faster emergency warnings to your building occupants. Actuate’s technology can recognize a hand holding a gun, for example, since it was created with a convolutional neural network (CNN) that aims to replicate how a human brain would process information. The quick processing of information can then be instantly shared using CrisisGo, complete with two-way communication options. With maps of buildings uploaded into the CrisisGo platform, authorities will know where someone is located in the building after that person sees a threat and triggers a button.
Preparing to Respond
When facing a real emergency, you may be confident that you and your employees will receive alerts in a timely manner, will have access to pictures generated from cameras, and will be able to detect guns, but do you have an actual response plan? A strong benefit of CrisisGo’s integration with Actuate is that CrisisGo provides much more than alerts; it allows teams to have a security response protocol and operating procedures in place. Teams are trained to be ready for any emergency, and if anyone forgets the plan, it is instantly available and accessible in digital form. With CrisisGo, you have the vital ability to communicate in a structured manner.
I first heard of CrisisGo when the Actuate team did a presentation for a school district. The school district mentioned the impact CrisisGo had on their emergency preparedness. After researching CrisisGo, I became excited at the possibility of partnering with them and sought them out. CrisisGo allows users to respond and communicate in a structured and precise manner amid the chaos of an emergency. Actuate asks customers about their emergency response protocol, and if they use CrisisGo, we know they are ready.
–Jose Flores, Director of Business Development, Actuate
Combining CrisisGo and Actuate enables your organization to leverage your camera investments, react immediately to threats, and communicate with safety teams, employees, and visitors while sharing situational awareness with first responders.

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