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CrisisGo's Top 5 Achievements of 2021

Carolyn Vento
December 20, 2021

The end of the year is a time of reflection. At CrisisGo, we are proud of our 2021 accomplishments. We’ve made new partnerships and launched more award-winning products. We educated people about physical safety and mental health awareness and spread the latest industry news through our blogs. We deployed our solution to multiple large private companies who have more than 20,000 employees. CrisisGo continuously commits to improving safety plans worldwide and has made trailblazing advancements in the process.

Here’s a look back at our Top 5 achievements of 2021.

Our Partnership with The “I Love U Guys” Foundation
We began 2021 by forming a strategic partnership with The “I Love U Guys” Foundation, a leading non-profit in school safety. We have combined our groundbreaking technology with the acclaimed free safety training of “I Love U Guys” to create a standardized, reliable approach to combat risks to our schools and communities.

Our New Product, Safety OneClick
With schools and businesses looking for a simple-to-deploy wireless panic button system, we launched a new, very much needed product this year: Safety OneClick. Using IoT (Internet of Things) wireless panic buttons and a LoRa gateway, individuals in distress are able to sound an alarm even if the electricity or Wi-Fi goes out.

Our Award Wins
In June, EdTech Breakthrough selected Safety iPass as the winner of its “Classroom Management Solution of the Year” award in the third annual EdTech Breakthrough Awards program. The honor was given to Safety iPass because it provides schools with the technology needed to return to school safely while also managing COVID-19.

Natural Disaster and Emergency Management (NDEM) held its first annual expo in November and Safety OneClick won the award for the Featured Product Showcase. It is notable that the award was voted on by over 3,000 expo attendees that included emergency management, business continuity professionals, and safety leaders.

Our Top Performing Blog
2021 saw the aftermath of our initial pandemic year. Many children returned to school after months of social isolation. CrisisGo put a major focus on mental health, so it is no wonder that our top performing blog was: Breaking the Behavior Code: A Mental Health Approach. This blog brought attention to the great need for tools to assess which students need support and intervention.

Our Worldwide Success
We have brought CrisisGo to 26 more countries this year. A special thank you goes out to all the customers who have adopted CrisisGo in Mexico with the help from our local partners.

We are excited to give even more people access to the tools and information they need to keep them safer in 2022.  

See how we made safety count this year!

2021 CrisisGo By the Numbers End of Year

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