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Meeting People Where They Are on the Path to Safety

Carolyn Vento
March 30, 2022
Many organizations are making the safety of their employees their first priority, but few are effectively managing safety. All organizations should have a strong safety plan in place. Without one, you are putting your employees in danger. You may be concerned that implementing a new or better safety plan may be daunting at times. Breaking the plan down into smaller steps is key. Manageable goals is what leads to long term success. If you can meet people where they are as far as their knowledge, experience, and skills, you will get better results.
Here are some actions you can take to meet people where they are on the path to safety.
Raising Awareness
It’s human nature to resist change. People tend to stick to what they know if they are not convinced that a new way of doing things would be better. When the benefits of using a simpler, more direct approach are apparent, people are more likely to accept new changes. First, it’s important for your stakeholders to understand that without a solid foundation of basic knowledge, experience and skills, their safety will be in jeopardy. Then, you can show them how a digital plan makes safety more secure and accessible. Some users may feel overwhelmed by the technology, but it’s important to choose a solution that can meet everyone where they are. CrisisGo’s digital platform requires little or no training as it is user-friendly. You can give everyone the information and tools they need to complete their tasks, while also allowing them to gain knowledge and experience along their pathway.
Easy to Implement
The first impression users will get from any safety product will be how easy it is to implement. Since people want to save time in the least stressful way, the more seamless the experience, the greater your chance of success. CrisisGo can set up our virtual safety command center at your organization in as quickly as 5 days. Stakeholders can choose a device for accessing the platform as they experience growth at their own pace, on a clear pathway to safety.
Easy to Use
Once implemented, the solution should be easy to use and maintain. People want a solution that doesn’t add extra steps to their lives. Integration with current systems is ideal. For example, it benefits schools if their safety system integrates with their student information system so the rosters can be automatically incorporated. Collaboration between first responders and organizations should be easy as everyone shares situational awareness, coordination during events, and immediate escalation. Having these types of quality features is beneficial as usability research shows that most users learn only four or five main functions of an application. Having an overabundance of features or the most expensive system isn’t necessarily the best investment. Consider surveying your employees to see if they feel that the technology is easy-to-use. The overall goal is to get elevated safety awareness and participation from your stakeholders.
Training and Tech Support Available
It’s reassuring for stakeholders to know that they have training and support available to them. People are becoming more tech-savvy and will therefore present more complex cases to tech support teams, so it’s important they’re prepared to handle these cases. CrisisGo offers multiple options for tech support and both live and on-demand trainings that help create a safety culture that is sustainable and generational.
If you meet people where they are when it comes to safety plans, you will get better results. Consider joining our webinar, “Power and Ease for School Safety: Why Choose?” on April 12, 2022 at 12 PM CST to learn how you can provide the highest level of protection to your organization with our brand new version of our emergency communications platform, Safety iResponse. Whether your employees are experienced or not, they deserve a solution that is easy to implement and to use, that is complete with training and support. Safety iResponse connects people with innovative technology to ensure that everyone has what they need to be safe, no matter what situation occurs.

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