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AnotherTrail Announces Partnership with CrisisGo

by CrisisGo, on October 7, 2020 at 9:28 AM

CrisisGo and AnotherTrail team up to introduce safety solutions for pandemic safety in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland.

St. Louis, Missouri AnotherTrail, one of Europe’s premier innovation services companies, announced its recent partnership with CrisisGo, the leading incident management, and emergency communication technology provider.

Together, CrisisGo and AnotherTrail will be able to introduce digital safety solutions to help public and commercial organizations to make safer working environments in a world still affected by COVID-19. As many organizations struggle to manage the health status certification and pre-certification of their stakeholders, safety technology solutions like CrisisGo’s Safety iPass solution allows schools, businesses, and organizations to confidently navigate this challenge while monitoring potential risk by using intelligent survey tools and intuitive reports that manage entry and immediately escalate notifications of COVID-19 positive results to the appropriate health authorities.

Organizations can use CrisisGo Safety iPass to pre-certify staff, visitors, students or other relevant parties by using a digital check-in system that is reliable, easy to use and not requiring app to download. Safety iPass utilizes digital badges that are updated daily to mark the status of individuals based on digital certification surveys. The organization sends automated daily Safety Check-In’s to stakeholders every morning in your preference language. After quickly completing the pre-visit Safety Check-In questionnaire and temperature check form, the digital entry badge will be automatically updated to reflect the individual’s status. Stakeholders can gain fast entrance to the building by displaying their digital badge via a link in the Safety Check-In email or through CrisisGo’s app. 

With Safety iPass, organizations can more efficiently and effectively admit people into offices, businesses, buildings, and sites by using the pre-certified digital badge to confirm that the individual is cleared to enter. With social distancing guidelines in place, as well as the upcoming threat of inclement weather as we transition into the fall season, the importance of a fast and efficient method of entry is more important than ever. Similar to a “fast pass” for airports and services, Safety iPass speeds up the ability to confirm the safety status of stakeholders and get them into a safe learning environment. Safety iPass supports several validation methods including bus validation, digital badge via the CrisisGo app, existing badges with QR or barcodes, and email, so it can work in compliance with any COVID-19 back to work model.

With roots in Information Technology, AnotherTrail is a services organization specialized in the creation & selling of accurate problem/solutions messages for the correct target audience. AnotherTrail enables clients to penetrate new markets, create solutions matching the demand of cloud-transformation, and building a step-by-step approach towards software-defined digitalization. AnotherTrail’s extensive experience with increased automation, simplification, IoT, and Blockchain will bring a unique perspective to the mission of CrisisGo’s safety platform.

No matter the size or makeup of your organization, CrisisGo’s Safety iPass gives you the ability to return as safely as possible and effectively maintain safety in a COVID-19 environment. Visit our website (business.crisisgo.com/safetyipass) or AnotherTrail’s website (https://www.anothertrail.com/ to learn more.

About AnotherTrail
AnotherTrail, headquartered in Grenoble France and operating throughout the European theatre enabling their clients to penetrate new markets, create solutions matching the demand of cloud-transformation and building a step-by-step approach towards software-defined digitalization. AnotherTrail have mastered the art of Successful Selling across multiple related emerging technologies through their service essential platform approach constructed around their experienced sales, business development and technical architect teams. For more information contact info@anothertrail.com.

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