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CBA-Japan Announces Threat Management and COVID-19 Offering in Partnership with CrisisGo

by CrisisGo, on January 25, 2021 at 7:15 AM

Tokyo, Japan – Communication Business Avenue (CBA), a proven provider of various solutions for contact and call centers, including AI and RPA, is pleased to announce its partnership with CrisisGo, the leading incident management and emergency communication technology provider.

The CrisisGo offerings will be released and available by CBA-Japan effective January 25, 2021, including a full suite of threat management services available in Japanese languages and available on Android, IOS, Windows, and macOS. The service offerings will introduce digital safety solutions to help public and commercial organizations make work environments safer in a world still affected by COVID-19. 

Many organizations struggle to manage the health status and pre-certification of stakeholders. A safety technology solution like CrisisGo Safety iPass, allows schools, businesses, and organizations to confidently navigate this challenge while monitoring potential risk using intelligent survey tools and intuitive reports to manage entry and immediately escalate positive cases of COVID-1 to health authorities.

Organizations can use CrisisGo Safety iPass to pre-certify staff, visitors, students, or other relevant parties using a digital check-in system that is reliable and easy to use, without having to download an app. Safety iPass generates digital badges updated daily to identify individuals’ status based on responses to the customized and scheduled certification health status survey.  

With Safety iPass, organizations can more efficiently and effectively admit people into offices, businesses, buildings, and sites by using the pre-certified digital badge to confirm that the individual is approved to enter. With social distancing guidelines in place, and the upcoming threat of inclement weather as we transition into the fall season, the importance of a fast and efficient entry method is more important than ever. Like a “fast pass” for airports and services, Safety iPass speeds up the ability to confirm stakeholders’ safety status and get them into a safe learning environment. Safety iPass supports several validation methods, including bus validation, digital badge via the CrisisGo app, existing badges with QR or barcodes, and email, to work in compliance with any COVID-19 back-to-work model.

With roots in Information Technology, CBA-Japan is a services organization specializing in the creation & selling of real problem/solutions messages for the correct target audience. CBA also enables clients to penetrate new markets, create solutions matching the demand of cloud-transformation, and build a step-by-step approach towards software-defined safety plan digitalization. CBA-Japan's extensive experience with increased automation, simplification, IoT, and Blockchain will bring a unique perspective to CrisisGo’s safety platform’s mission.

No matter the size or makeup of your organization, CrisisGo’s Safety iPass gives you the ability to return as safely as possible and effectively maintain safety in a COVID-19 environment. Visit our website at cba-japan.com to learn more.

About CBA
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