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CrisisGo and Cisco Meraki Forge Partnership to Elevate Risk Monitoring and Safety Response Capabilities

by CrisisGo, on March 5, 2024 at 2:35 PM

[St. Louis, MO, March 5th, 2024] — CrisisGo, a leading provider of school safety solutions, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Cisco Meraki. This collaboration brings together the advanced sensor technology of Cisco Meraki's MT sensor family and MV cameras with CrisisGo's Safety iResponse platform and Smart EOC, offering a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing risks in real-time.

Integration of Cisco Meraki's Advanced Sensor Technology and Smart Cameras with CrisisGo’s Safety Solutions
Cisco Meraki's diverse range of sensors and smart cameras, when integrated with CrisisGo's platform, ensures immediate alerting and streamlined risk management. This collaboration offers a unified overview of risk monitoring, perimeter security, asset status, and potential safety risks through Smart EOC.

Enhanced Security Surveillance with MV Smart Cameras
Cisco Meraki’s MV cameras redefine security surveillance, combining powerful processing, robust security features, and advanced analytics into a simple, comprehensive package. With built-in wireless functionality and minimal bandwidth usage, these cameras offer flexible deployment and real-time video analytics. Integrated with CrisisGo, the MV cameras provide enhanced situational awareness, ensuring physical safety and offering valuable safety intelligence.

Access and Security Monitoring with MT Door Sensors
The MT20 sensor is great for maintaining perimeter security by instantly alerting when an outside door opens. It's key for alerting of when unwanted entry happens, quickly informing security teams if there's a possible security issue. Linked with CrisisGo, the MT20 helps manage building security efficiently, ensuring quick responses to protect your people.

Seamless and Scalable Sensor Solutions
All sensors in the Cisco Meraki MT family are designed for simplicity and scalability. They connect effortlessly to existing Meraki infrastructure, providing cloud-managed, real-time visibility, and alerting through CrisisGo’s Safety iResponse platform. This seamless integration, coupled with the powerful features of CrisisGo, empowers organizations to maintain safe, secure, and efficient operations.

Empowering Decisions with Smart EOC
CrisisGo’s Smart EOC dashboard brings the data from Cisco Meraki sensors into a single-pane-of-glass view, enabling organizations to make informed decisions quickly. This integration not only enhances situational awareness but also streamlines the response process, ensuring that safety and security are always a top priority.

As we join forces with Cisco Meraki, we are setting new standards in environmental safety monitoring and response. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to providing advanced, integrated solutions that address the complex challenges faced by organizations today.

Jim Spicuzza, Co-Founder & CPO at CrisisGo

For more information about this partnership and the integrated solutions, please visit info.crisisgo.com/integration-cisco-meraki

About Cisco Meraki
Cisco Meraki is a global leader in cloud-managed IT solutions, offering a broad range of products, including wireless, switching, security, and smart cameras, all managed through Meraki's intuitive cloud interface. Meraki empowers organizations of all sizes to simplify complex IT tasks and streamline operations.

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