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CrisisGo and Samsung Unveil Industry-First Smartwatch Panic Solution with 4G/LTE, WiFi, and Indoor Location Services

by CrisisGo, on February 21, 2024 at 7:00 AM

Discover the future of organizational safety with CrisisGo and Samsung's smartwatch panic solution, a wrist-wearable safety technology designed to transform safety communications in schools, healthcare, and businesses. This comprehensive safety package, featuring 4G/LTE, WiFi, and precise indoor location tracking, is an industry-first that ensures rapid and coordinated emergency responses, redefining the standards of safety and security.

Mountain View, CA, Feb 21, 2024  CrisisGo proudly announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Samsung, introducing an innovative 2-way emergency communication application on Samsung smartwatches. This industry-first solution is set to revolutionize safety in the B2B sector, catering to schools, healthcare facilities, and various organizations seeking a comprehensive safety package.

Key Features of the Smartwatch Panic Solution:

  1. Samsung Smart Watches: The package features Samsung smartwatches, including the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, providing a sophisticated and robust wearable solution for safety and communication.

  2. CrisisGo Safety App: Pre-configured and seamlessly integrated with Samsung smartwatches, the CrisisGo app empowers users to trigger discreet panic alerts, receive CrisisGo Alerts, and communicate directly with safety teams.

  3. 4G/LTE, Wifi, and Precise Indoor Location Services: This solution boasts unparalleled connectivity with support for 4G/LTE and Wifi, ensuring seamless communication in any environment. Precise indoor location services enhance the effectiveness of emergency response efforts.

  4. Knox Configure for Wearables (WKC): A Samsung cloud-based service that streamlines the enrollment of Samsung wearable devices, offering enterprises customization and automation options, simplifying the out-of-box experience.

Perfect for Schools and Healthcare Staff:
Tailored for schools and healthcare facilities, where swift and coordinated responses to emergencies are vital, this innovative safety solution combines Samsung's cutting-edge technology with CrisisGo's advanced safety features. The result is a powerful and efficient tool ensuring the well-being of both staff and students.

By collaborating with CrisisGo, Samsung is proud to pioneer a solution addressing the unique safety challenges faced by the Education sector.

Keith Redlin, Director of US Public Sector and Education

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