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CrisisGo Announces Application Partner Program; Embraces IoT with OpenAPI

by CrisisGo, on April 2, 2019 at 8:03 AM

St. Louis, Missouri: CrisisGo, the leader in digital emergency communications and safety management, officially announces the new CrisisGo Application Partner Program ("CAPP"). The program, predicated on CrisisGo's open architecture platform, leverages the internet of things (IoT) and integrates with other technologies and devices to immediately alert and notify stakeholders through the CrisisGo digital safety and crisis communication platform.

CrisisGo released CrisisGo OpenAPI in 2018 to embrace virtually all IoT solutions, which significantly improves the process flow and cuts valuable seconds and even minutes from response times while saving lives. Integrating safety devices and technologies provides detailed information and more precise locations, helping safety teams respond faster and with a more adapted action plan.

The CrisisGo OpenAPI is built to allow third-party systems and devices to send alerts, messages and urgent notifications to the CrisisGo platform, or third-party systems and devices can receive information from the CrisisGo platform. Once integrated, alerts from CrisisGo can automate responses in other devices, including door locks, barricades, etc. Alternatively, sensors or buttons from other devices, including fobs, microphones, etc. could trigger alerts and notifications through the CrisisGo platform.

CrisisGo and IoT systems, devices and applications can form the following integrations:

  • Sensors, buttons, video, AI application or IT alerts can trigger alerts in CrisisGo, which then notify the proper response personnel, safety team members or first responder departments
  • Staff, safety team members or first responders can initiate the CrisisGo platform, which would activate paging systems, door locks and barricades, sirens, strobes, video surveillance, IT applications and more

The CAPP is designed for application enablement; the program helps members to develop innovative applications based on simple Webservices API (CrisisGo OpenAPI) using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), the most widely used data format for data interchange on the web. This data interchange can happen between two computers applications at different geographical locations or running within same hardware machine. JSON is completely language-agnostic, and can be used with any programming language, not just JavaScript. Sending an alert via CrisisGo is simple as accessing web.

  • For example: https://openapi.crisisgo.net/v1.0/common/alert/send?apikey-[APIKEY]&appid= [APPID]

CrisisGo is pleased to introduce the first CAPP members:

Mutualink — Mutualink creates connections via radio, voice, video and data for cross-agency collaboration during a crisis. Their interoperability system connects responding partner agencies in real time to quickly resolve incidents. Through the integration, when an alert is triggered with CrisisGo, Mutualink will create an incident and invite in pre-configured users and resources, including live video feeds, radio channels and telephone lines to help with the response.

The partnership between CrisisGo and Mutualink brings a comprehensive safety network to schools nationwide. Expedited, effective resolution brings positive outcomes to schools in crisis. Partnering with best-in-class companies like CrisisGo enhances our ability to deliver on that promise.

Dave Harding, VP of Channel Sales, Mutualink

Audio Enhancement — Audio Enhancement offers classroom sound amplification systems and a campus wide communications system that work together to improve learning and to make the entire campus more secure. The Audio Enhancement SAFE System features a discreet alert button built into the teacher’s microphone that can send notifications to appropriate campus personnel and pinpoint the location of an emergency on a campus map through their EPIC (Education Paging Intercom Communications) system. Integration with the Crisis Go platform now puts this valuable information immediately into the hands of Crisis Go users, including potential first responders and others.

Increasing school safety for students, faculty, staff, and parents has become one of the top priorities of school districts nationwide. The partnership between CrisisGo and Audio Enhancement creates an opportunity for school systems to provide additional layers of safety for everyone on campus. This partnership offers schools a tremendous value, providing additional safety for their schools, while at the same time bringing everyday educational benefits to both teachers and students.

Jeff Anderson, Owner and CEO, Audio Enhancement

myDevices — The myDevices platform contains a vast catalog of certified IoT-ready devices and connectivity options, allowing for the easy deployment of finished IoT solutions. The company will use sensors on door barricades to send alerts through CrisisGo to immediately notify staff and emergency personnel when a barricade has been activated and a lockdown event is in progress, allowing for a faster response time.

myDevices recognizes that enabling fast and powerful integrations with existing systems enhances current solutions with added features and benefits while at the same time exponentially reducing the time to market. Connecting companies and technologies has previously taken days, weeks or months — but the open API with CrisisGo allowed my team to make the connection in literally an hour. It was really that easy.

Kevin Bromber, CEO and Founder, myDevices

CAPP is all about building a safety technology ecosystem via open integration to further expand capabilities for organization and communities to address safety issues. This program extends across virtually all safety systems, including IT systems, safety monitoring systems, utility monitoring systems, IoT, social media apps, customer service systems, gun shooter detection, consumer electronics and more. The CAPP initiative presents new opportunities for CrisisGo and our partners to create new value propositions. The API is simple, which allows for quicker integrations and more rapid delivery to our customers. The program is really a win for both our partners and our clients.

Chris Vuillaume, General Manager, CrisisGo

Through the CAPP, CrisisGo continues to build on the most comprehensive safety platform that helps organizations better prepare for emergencies, and improve their ability to notify, respond to and recover from critical situations. The platform can be used by all stakeholders, guide everyone to respond based on role, deliver timely information to the appropriate people instantly for emergency communication, and coordinates all aspects of safety response.

  • Deliver critical messaging in time
  • Facilitate role-based efficient rapid response actions
  • Enable intelligent emergency communication across right people, organization and IoT systems

To become a CrisisGo Application Partner, submit a request at https://info.crisisgo.com/applicationpartner-program.

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