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CrisisGo Proud to Announce Partnership with MSBA Providing Guidance and Solutions Returning to School

by CrisisGo, on August 31, 2020 at 7:36 AM

CrisisGo’s Safety iPass will grant Missouri school districts the ability to return as safely and effectively as possible.

St. Louis, MO – CrisisGo, the leading incident management and emergency communication technology provider, announced its latest product release, Safety iPass, will help Missouri schools return safely and effectively by streamlining the entry process while maximizing safety protocols and awareness.

Missouri School Boards’ Association (MSBA) is the leader in providing school boards with the tools they need to succeed through leadership, school board training, and advocacy. As a part of MSBA and CrisisGo’s continued partnership, MSBA supports CrisisGo's latest product development, Safety iPass.

CrisisGo has worked tirelessly to develop tools to help schools manage the extraordinary challenges brought on by the pandemic. Monitoring daily temperature checks and other critical information of students and staff will be less complicated with the Safety iPass tool offered by CrisisGo.

Melissa Randol, Executive Director, MSBA

In accordance with state and local recommendations, a critical obstacle for Missouri schools will be managing the health status certification and pre-certification of students and staff to ensure only healthy individuals are allowed into schools. "A valid health screening process will be the key to navigating any obstacles by monitoring the health status of your students and staff daily. With daily monitoring we can identify trends which will and make informed decisions based on actionable data." Kelly Moore, Director of Safety Leadership at CrisisGo. CrisisGo’s Safety iPass solution allows Missouri schools to confidently navigate this challenge while monitoring potential risk by using intelligent survey tools and intuitive reports that manage entry and immediately escalate notifications of COVID-19 positive results from staff or students to school health services. 

Safety iPass delivers an all-inclusive solution of safety and benefits for schools returning amidst the safety challenges of COVID-19:

  • Parents/staff/teachers can do their pre-certification without the need to download or use a specific application, so everyone can pre-certification, quickly from any device while maintaining strict security and confidentiality
  • Supports all return to school models for entry and remote learning
  • Easy and accurate data collection
  • Comprehensive and simple to real-time read reports
  • Direct escalation to school health officials
  • Applicable and easy implementation for school districts of all sizes
  • Benefits all stakeholders – students, teachers, parents, staff, pre-existing conditions, childcare issues
  • Significantly reduced time to enter the facility versus a manual entry process
  • Provides real-time status for stakeholders and next steps based upon school risk guidelines

With Safety iPass, Missouri schools can more efficiently and effectively admit students into school buildings or onto school buses by using the pre-certified digital badge to confirm that the student is safe to return. With social distancing guidelines in place, as well as the upcoming threat of inclement weather as we transition into the fall season, the importance of a fast and efficient method of entry is more important than ever. Similar to a “fast pass” for airports and services, Safety iPass speeds up the ability to confirm the safety status of stakeholders and get them into a safe learning environment. Safety iPass supports several validation methods including bus validation, digital badge via the CrisisGo app, existing badges with QR or barcodes, and email, so it can work in compliance with any COVID-19 back to school model. “It’s a great screening tool for us, and it keeps us from having to bottleneck our individuals from coming into the building,” said Josh Crowell, Assistant Superintendent of Cape Girardeau School District Assistant superintendent Josh Crowell said.

No matter the size or makeup of your school district, CrisisGo’s Safety iPass gives all schools in Missouri the ability to return as safely and effectively as possible. Visit the CrisisGo website (www.safetyipass.com) for more information on these new solution offerings, or hear first-hand how CrisisGo is helping Missouri schools re-open during our webinar on September 9th; register today!

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