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CrisisGo Reaches Agreement with Nebraska Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council

by CrisisGo, on October 23, 2019 at 9:41 AM

Nebraska schools will benefit from cooperative purchasing program offered by NE ESUCC.

St. Louis, Missouri: CrisisGo, the leading incident management and emergency communication provider for K-12 schools, announced their contract had been approved by the Nebraska Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council (ESUCC), and Nebraska schools will soon be able to benefit from cooperative pricing on the trusted incident management platform.

ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing represents 17 Educational Service Units across Nebraska, which service school districts with over 300,000 students. ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing coordinates purchases for public school districts and other systems and institutions across the State of Nebraska.

CrisisGo is the only incident management platform that coordinates alerts, messages and notifications through communication and IoT devices across and within first responders, school safety and security teams, teachers and staff, and the entire education community.

The reason we chose CrisisGo is because we had heard good things about it. We want to make sure we have at our disposal a way for teachers to have access to information and communicate back on all devices to save time. In a crisis, minutes count.

Donald P. Johnson, Superintendent of Schools, Fort Calhoun Community Schools

The CrisisGo contract was recently approved by the ESUCC board, which means the CrisisGo incident management platform will be highlighted on the ESUCC Marketplace for Nebraska schools, and at conferences and other events. This partnership will reduce barriers for schools to learn about a valuable safety resource and continues to show how the Educational Service Unit supports districts and school administrators in their efforts to foster a safe school environment.

The implementation of CrisisGo has given our school safety teams a tool that allows for immediate communication during the time of a drill or actual emergency. This has greatly aided school safety teams and other staff to be reflective of safety practices within their respective buildings.

Rodney Brown, Director of Student Services, Bellevue Public Schools

For more information, visit the Nebraska Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council website.

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