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CrisisGo Releases Software to Assist Student Threat Assessment Teams

by CrisisGo, on October 15, 2019 at 7:12 AM

CrisisGo Student Threat Assessment Manager helps k-12 schools identify mutual risks, block the pathway to violence, and coordinate support.

St. Louis, Missouri: CrisisGo, the leading incident management and emergency communication provider for K-12 schools, announced the release of CrisisGo’s Student Threat Assessment Manager to support threat assessment teams to manage investigations and related workflows more efficiently in their schools.

More states are taking action to identify “complex students” – those individuals who display a pattern of behavior that makes them a potential threat to themselves or others. Threat and behavioral assessments are proven methods of early risk detection and relevant intervention endorsed by the FBI, U.S. Secret Service, and more. Successful threat and risk assessment processes in schools will improve health and safety and reduce risk and liability.

Reporting safety risks is key for preventing future incidents and learning more about threats to schools. Potential student risks that can be identified and prevented include suicide, alcohol and drug use, physical abuse, dropping out, and criminal activity.

Conducting thorough behavioral threat assessments can be a manual, complex process. Due to the limitations of analog resources, the significantly increasing volume of investigations conducted in a school year, and the growing need for collaboration and coordination across the assessment team, schools are looking for effective tools to help manage the process.

In order to prevent violence in schools, behavioral assessments should be a primary component of teacher and staff trainings and the daily routine of all staff. CrisisGo bridges the gap between the two by allowing Behavioral Assessment Teams and front-line staff to communicate and assess suspect behaviors in an online platform so that everyone is on the same page and help can be provided in a prompt manner.

Dr. Steve Webb, Superintendent, Goreville Community Unit School District 1 in Illinois

The CrisisGo Student Threat Assessment Manager helps assessment teams collaborate to collect threat reports, conduct investigations, compile information, and coordinate with law enforcement. It supports the processes and procedures for providing threat assessments on their campus by:

  • Reducing the time it takes to investigate threats.
  • Improving communication and collaboration during a threat investigation.
  • Increasing capacity to thoroughly manage every threat that gets reported.
  • Enhancing coordination with local law enforcement and outside resources.
  • Ensuring the privacy of threat assessment data.

The CrisisGo Student Threat Assessment Manager was developed to make the threat assessment process more collaborative, efficient, and secure. To learn more about CrisisGo student behavioral threat assessment, go to www.crisisgo.com/student-threat-assessment-manager.

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