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CrisisGo Revolutionizes School Safety Alerts, Warnings, Notifications, and Communication

by CrisisGo, on January 29, 2020 at 6:36 AM

Latest release of digital platform designed to simplify school safety technology by consolidating tools and systems.

St. Louis, Missouri: CrisisGo, the leading incident management and emergency communication provider for K-12 schools, announced a new product release designed to streamline school safety.

The latest version of CrisisGo's school safety platform completely enhances the user interface, creating a more efficient design to enable users to intuitively report all threats instantly from a single interface. Faced with critical events like school intruders to everyday bully and threat reporting, school staff now have a single place to warn others of any school related safety issue using the CrisisGo app on mobile and desktop devices. CrisisGo continues to provide a complete set of prevention and response tools to guide staff in essentially any safety situation. As school districts face the challenge of having multiple tools and systems in place to address safety needs, CrisisGo continues to be the most streamline answer for school safety.

This release is a result of us listening to the challenges our customers have been trying to overcome. New state, federal, and local laws and regulations have led to schools bringing on more and more safety tools and systems to address the mandates. As districts and schools implement each system separately, staff and teachers must choose between multiple systems for reporting bullying, reporting threats, and emergency alerts and response. CrisisGo now provides that single intuitive interface that gives staff and students one option to warn the appropriate personnel in virtually any situation and all the tools all stakeholders need to act after being warned.

James Spicuzza, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, CrisisGo

CrisisGo now offers a single point to issue alerts, warnings, or reports for any school safety situation — from active intruder to facility issues. The platform helps schools and districts overcome the myriad of options most schools have had to adopt in recent years, including panic buttons, phone calls, devices, tip lines and more. CrisisGo is the only platform in the industry that can cover everything from bully and threat tips, threat assessments to rapid alerting and reunification.

The 'old' way to manage school safety was relying on several different tools and systems to manage different situations. Just like student information systems completely changed how teachers manage classes and homework, the new CrisisGo platform revolutionizes how schools and districts can manage safety with one place to warn and respond to virtually any emergency or situation.

Bill Reynolds, Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales, CrisisGo

The CrisisGo incident management platform can be used to digitize safety response plans and support threat assessment teams. The system includes instant emergency alerts, communication, status checks, direct to 911 notification, and reunification tools. The updated interface increases efficiency to further reduce response times and drive situational awareness to save time in an emergency.

CrisisGo always considers the unique and individual challenges educators and school safety teams face on a daily basis. These obstacles can vary greatly in a district with several schools. CrisisGo again puts lifesaving tools at the fingertips of everyone with the touch of a button. This new concept of 'one place to warn' is the most efficient way to respond to emergencies.

Walter O'Neill, Jr., School Safety Coordinator, Long Branch Schools in New Jersey

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