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CrisisGo Offers Solution for Returning to School Safely Amidst COVID-19

by CrisisGo, on July 24, 2020 at 8:12 AM

CrisisGo’s Safety iPass will allow schools the ability to return as safely and effectively as possible.

St. Louis, Missouri – CrisisGo, the leading incident management, and emergency communication technology provider, announced its latest product release, Safety iPass, a safety solution designed to help schools return safely and effectively by streamlining the process while maximizing safety protocols and awareness. The Safety iPass implementation process is currently in effect in preparation for schools reopening as early as August 2020.

A critical obstacle for many districts will be managing the health status certification and pre-certification of students and staff to ensure only healthy individuals are allowed into schools. CrisisGo’s Safety iPass solution allows schools to confidently navigate this challenge while monitoring potential risk by using intelligent survey tools and intuitive reports that manage entry and immediately escalate notifications of COVID-19 positive results from staff or students to school health services.

Safety iPass delivers an all-inclusive solution of safety and benefits for schools returning to business as usual amidst the present challenges of COVID-19:

  • Supports all return to school models for entry and remote learning
  • Easy and accurate data collection
  • Comprehensive and simple to use for staff, students, and visitors
  • Direct notification and escalation to school health officials
  • Applicable and easy implementation for school districts of all sizes
  • Benefiting all stakeholders – student, parent, grandparents, staff, pre-existing conditions, childcare issues
  • School contact tracing tool included helping track the exposure list effectively
  • Significantly reduced time to enter the facility versus manual process
  • Provides student status and next steps based upon school risk guidelines

The Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA) has been a trusted partner of CrisisGo dating back to 2013, working closely in the development of safety technologies by listening to the concerns and creating solutions that meet the needs and challenges faced by Illinois school districts.

CrisisGo has been a valued partner of IASA for years with significant experience and expertise in developing technology to assist school districts. We are pleased CrisisGo could provide school districts with an option to effectively manage the requirement of daily temperature checks for students and staff.

Dr. Brent Clark, Executive Director, IASA

Schools can use CrisisGo Safety iPass to pre-certify students, staff, and visitors using a digital check-in system that is reliable and easy to use. Safety iPass utilizes digital badges that are updated daily to mark the status of students based on certification by their parents. The school district sends daily Safety Check-In’s to be automatic via email to parents every morning school is in session. Parents complete the pre-visit Safety Check-In questionnaire and temperature check form, to certify their children. After parents submit the information, the student entry badge will be automatically updated to reflect the status of the student. Students can gain fast entrance to the building by displaying their digital badge via a link in the Safety Check-In email or through CrisisGo’s student app, Safe2SpeakUP. 

With Safety iPass, schools can more efficiently and effectively admit students into school buildings or onto school buses by using the pre-certified digital badge to confirm that the student is safe to return. With social distancing guidelines in place, as well as the upcoming threat of inclement weather as we transition into the fall season, the importance of a fast and efficient method of entry is more important than ever. Similar to a “fast pass” for airports and services, Safety iPass speeds up the ability to confirm the safety status of stakeholders and get them into a safe learning environment. Safety iPass supports several validation methods including bus validation, digital badge via the CrisisGo app, existing badges with QR or barcodes, and email, so it can work in compliance with any COVID-19 back to school model.

No matter the size or makeup of your school district, CrisisGo’s Safety iPass gives your schools the ability to return as safely and effectively as possible. Visit our website (www.safetyipass.com) for more information on our newest solution offerings.

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