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CrisisGo and Sonim Technologies Bring Rapid, Emergency Communications Solution to the Nation's Schools through FirstNet Built with AT&T

by CrisisGo, on February 12, 2019 at 9:54 AM

St. Louis, Missouri: CrisisGo and Sonim Technologies announced today a partnership to ensure the nation's schools and first responders have reliable connectivity and rapid communications during a crisis using the AT&T FirstNet network.

The CrisisGo app combined with Sonim's XP8 keeps school personnel connected to first responders through an integrated mobile communication solution. The Sonim XP8 is the first ultra-rugged device on the market that is FirstNet-ready, built to work in extreme conditions and environments while integrating functionality critical to emergency first responders. CrisisGo allows teachers, school administrators and their security teams to rapidly alert key personnel of potential risk. Alerts can also be escalated to district administrators and first responders. CrisisGo also enables those in crisis to stay in constant contact by sharing timely and relevant information as the situation unfolds.

This solution is interoperable with the AT&T FirstNet network, which is the first-ever public safety broadband network dedicated to first responders. With CrisisGo and Sonim, schools nationwide can now communicate immediately and directly with first responders through FirstNet. FirstNet is Band Class 14 network that launched in March 2018, designed to be reliable, functional, safe and secure, and provide first responders optimal levels of operational capability at all times.

Unfortunately, 2018 had the greatest number of school shootings with 94 recorded incidents according to the NPS center for Homeland Defense and Security. As a result, reliable communications are no longer a luxury, but a requirement in an emergency situation on school property. Today, we have a crisis communications solution backed up by FirstNet, which greatly reduces response times, improves safety and minimizes risk. With technology like this in place, we hope 2019 will not be another record-breaking year for school shootings.

Key features of the CrisisGo/XP8 solution include:

  • Guaranteed FirstNet connectivity to ensure safety
  • Immediate discreet one-to-one or one-to-many communications
  • Interconnectivity to first responders
  • Side button to set off personal panic alarm to safety team
  • Side button to set off audible emergency tones (i.e. Lockdown)
  • Auto escalation option to include law enforcement in critical incidents and communications
  • Easy and reliable sharing of photos, videos and other resource information
  • All communications are accessible for post-incident reports and analysis

We want schools to experience the same benefits Sonim's technology brings to public safety and this partnership makes that possible. We've built our products to step up in the last mile, ensuring that people who need rapid, reliable communication can get connected, and stay connected. Our purpose-built mobile devices and partnerships are helping to extend FirstNet to our nation's schools to better support vulnerable people and help first responders.

Bob Plaschke, CEO, Sonim

The solution will be officially released at the National Conference on Education presented by AASA The School Superintendents Association, Feb. 14-16th, including a special session "Lessons Learned from the Newtown Tragedy" featuring former Superintendent of Newtown School District Joe Erardi.

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