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Santa Barbara Unified is Working with CrisisGo to Create Safe Schools and Safe Communities

by CrisisGo, on September 8, 2019 at 10:24 AM

School district is implementing a new school safety communication platform to address preparation, prevention, response, and recovery.

Santa Barbara, California: Santa Barbara Unified is improving crisis response measures for each campus' existing safety plan that is updated annually and reviewed regularly. In the spirit of the schools' motto "Prepare students for a world that is yet to be created" the district will be implementing a new Emergency Notification System (ENS) that is supported by the CrisisGo critical communication platform.

Our district is committed to ensuring that all teachers and staff are trained on safety protocols, including understanding how we partner with law enforcement and support neighboring campuses in the event of a crisis. This is about making our whole community stronger, not just our schools. Being able to come at school safety with a community lens is incredibly valuable. This is about being trained on proactive responses and breaking down silos.

Frann Wageneck, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Santa Barbara Unified

CrisisGo created a unified integrated response communication system for Santa Barbara County that is central to a program to form a safety coalition in the county. This special program will provide all county organizations (public, private, charter, higher education, government, local responders, and businesses) with a benefit package at CrisisGo which will be made available to them.

Santa Barbara Unified School District Safety Coordinator Kelly Moore's vision for creating a unified safety solution includes putting the right people in the right place at the right time and supporting this vision through the CrisisGo Collaboration Coalition program. The roll out will begin September 23, 2019 with a series of events around the county.

Santa Barbara wants a unified response from everyone in the community. The collaboration between the district, county and CrisisGo resulted in a total solution. We are confident it will help Santa Barbara through expert training, exercise, debriefs and identify areas for improvement. It is reassuring that Santa Barbara is looking at an inclusive, standardized approach to school safety.

Chris Vuillaume, General Manager, CrisisGo

CrisisGo is the only incident management platform that coordinates alerts, messages and notifications through communication and security devices across and within first responders, safety teams, organization stakeholders and their communities. CrisisGo helps prevent and prepare for critical situations that can impact anyone, anywhere. The reliable, trusted platform helps first responders and safety personnel rapidly respond to incidents, notify people in real-time based on their response protocol-defined role, and facilitate recovery faster.

To learn more about CrisisGo, go to crisisgo.com. For more information about the Santa Barbara Unified School District roll out events, contact Kelly Moore at kmoore@sbunified.org.

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