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mastering the three pillars and navigating the way to safety

Mastering the Three Pillars and Navigating the Way to Safety

Ethan Woodman
January 25, 2023

School safety is a complex and multifaceted issue that requires a holistic approach. In our podcast, we delve deep into the different components of school safety and why they are important. We explore the three crucial elements of school safety - systems, people, and policies - and how they must work together in order to create a truly safe school environment. We also discuss the federal guidelines for creating a solid school safety program, including prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

These guidelines provide a framework for understanding how to best protect our schools. Furthermore, we will talk about the importance of the human element in the school safety process and how it can be the difference between a safe and unsafe school. We will also share examples and stories of how schools have successfully implemented school safety programs and how they maintain their safety. Join us on our podcast as we navigate the way to safe schools and learn how to create a culture of safety in your school district.


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