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prepping for school reopening

Prepping for School Reopening: Safety Teams and Beyond

Ethan Woodman
August 16, 2023

In the latest episodes of our educational podcast, we've been guiding you through the essential steps to ensure a successful school reopening. From creating schedules to refining policies and implementing improvements based on past experiences, we've set the stage for a smooth start. But now, as schools gear up to open their doors once again, there's a new focus on the horizon.

Join us as we delve into the critical tasks that need to be accomplished in the month of August, just before the school doors swing open for both students and staff. Our recent blog posts and podcast episodes have been geared toward this pivotal moment. In some regions, schools have already begun their academic year, and in others, the countdown is rapidly approaching.


In this episode, we discuss the key roles that safety teams play in the reopening process. From safety directors to coordinators, their responsibilities have expanded to encompass a wide range of areas, including threat assessment and behavior intervention.

Discover the strategies, best practices, and insights from experts in the field as we explore how to establish and empower safety teams. We'll be discussing the intricacies of threat and behavior assessment intervention teams (TBAIT), the linchpin in maintaining a secure and nurturing learning environment. These teams are essential in ensuring that schools are not only spaces of education but also safe havens for all stakeholders.

As the academic year gains momentum, the collaboration between educators, administrators, and safety professionals becomes paramount. Tune in to our podcast as we navigate through the intricate web of safety protocols, team coordination, and proactive measures. Together, let's uncover how to foster a culture of security that enables students and staff to thrive as they step back into the halls of learning.

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