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podcast season two

Red Flags & Resilience: Unleashing Proactive School Violence Prevention

Ethan Woodman
August 5, 2023

In our latest podcast episode, we emphasize the importance of school violence prevention and being proactive in identifying warning signs. We discuss the Latin phrase "Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum," which highlights the need to be prepared for potential violence to ensure a safe environment. The episode also delves into the significance of recognizing "Red Flags" as early indicators of potential problems or violence. We encourage school administrators to ask relevant questions to identify students showing red flags, such as bullies or those struggling with mental health issues. By understanding and supporting these students, educators can create a safer school environment and prevent violence before it occurs.

Additionally, we address harmful behaviors like victimization and bullying, emphasizing the importance of early intervention to prevent violence. We also highlight the impact of trauma during emergencies and the role of competent emergency management in reducing its effects. Finally, we discuss the concept of "emotional bank accounts" and stress the need for positive contributions to students' emotional well-being to ensure positive outcomes. Overall, the episode advocates for proactive measures in school violence prevention and fostering a supportive environment for students.

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