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school safety directors

We Need School Safety Directors

Ethan Woodman
June 25, 2024

Join us for an enlightening and engaging episode with Jason Stoddard, the Director of School Safety and Security at Charles County Public Schools. Jason delves into the critical need for certified school safety directors in every district, shedding light on the often overlooked yet essential professional core competencies required in this field. With a surprising lack of industry regulation, Jason passionately argues for mastering the fundamentals—policy creation, procedures, and effective collaboration with law enforcement.

In this conversation, co-hosted by Kelly Moore, we navigate the intricate structure and hierarchy of school safety, emphasizing the superintendent's pivotal role in fostering a secure environment for students. We tackle the real-world challenges of funding and sustainability, exploring innovative ways to make the most of existing resources and technologies rather than always chasing the next big thing.

Expect a lively discussion on the necessity of strong foundations, open communication, and well-trained staff. We'll also touch on the complexities of the vendor landscape, offering insights on how school safety directors can make informed decisions about product integration. Wrapping up, we'll discuss the vital role of government funding and the strategic redirection of resources to prioritize the safety of our schools. Don't miss this episode packed with practical advice and forward-thinking solutions for today's school safety challenges.


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