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What’s Your Plan When No One is Coming to Save You?

Ethan Woodman
November 15, 2023
In this episode the focus is on the vital intersection of risk management and emergency preparedness within school districts. We underline the need for schools to take charge of their safety, even when external assistance isn't readily available. It’s important to recognize equipment deficiencies during drills and the necessity of a well-defined plan for enhancing emergency preparedness.
We also highlight the gap between traditional risk management, which typically dealt with slip and fall accidents and playground safety, and the current need to prevent loss of life, injuries, and property damage. Financial considerations are explored, with a focus on federal grants as seed money for security measures and the importance of maintaining a risk management fund.
Finally, we touch on negligence in school security, emphasizing the consequences of neglecting known risks or failing to enforce security policies. We talk about a proactive approach to security, and the need to stay ahead of evolving security threats rather than reacting to past incidents. This episode offers valuable insights into the essential components of risk management and emergency preparedness in schools.

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