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Who’s in Charge of This?

Ethan Woodman
October 2, 2023

Have you ever assessed your own grasp of safety concepts? Picture a scale, with 1 representing a complete lack of understanding and 10 indicating the ability to impart knowledge about safety and create intricate safety plans.

Regardless of where you work - whether it’s a school, a large corporation with thousands of employees, or a cozy corner coffee shop - a fundamental question arises: Who takes charge when a significant incident happens? If this question leaves you pondering, it's a topic that you and your business need to discuss.

We also discuss what it means to build our principals into the heroes we expect them to be, by providing them with the tools that they need, the funds that they need, and supporting them as a community.

Join us in our latest podcast episode, where we engage in a thoughtful conversation about the importance of knowing precisely who assumes leadership in crisis situations and the repercussions of not having a clear answer to the critical question... Who’s in charge?


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