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Exploring the Attorney General's Grant for School Safety in the Buckeye State

Carolyn Vento
January 19, 2022
In the past decade, Ohio schools have faced several shootings that resulted in deaths or injuries. Ohio is now leading the way in making sure schools are safe by involving the attention, cooperation, and communication of entire communities. The Attorney General has a School Safety Task Force that includes public safety officials, school personnel, and mental health professionals. This Task Force oversees school safety plans and guides schools with safeguarding students and staff. All Ohio schools must file safety and floor plans to their Department of Education and update them often. It is clear that Ohio is taking action to make school safety a priority.
Ohio Attorney General David Yost has announced that Ohio schools can apply for a share of $11 million available in safety grants for the 2022-2023 school year. Yost stated that he knows that the grant will offer protection to students and that having a safe environment for learning is crucial. The funding comes from House Bill 110 and can be used by different types of schools including public, charter, and STEM schools, educational service centers, and schools operated by county boards of developmental disabilities. Each one of these schools is eligible for whichever is greater: a grant of $2,500 or $5.50 per student.
The flexible options for how to use the grant fall under three main categories:
  • Educational resources: for any grade levels as long as it pertains to school safety
  • Equipment: anything related to school safety, including supplies related to implementing a school-safety plan
  • Training: for school resource officer certification, identification and assistance for students with mental health issues, active-shooter protocols, and any other training related to school safety
At CrisisGo, we recognize that school safety is multi-faceted and we can assure you that our products are a match for this grant, falling under all of the aforementioned categories. Safety Intervention Manager for mental heath assessments and threat assessments, Safety iPass for COVID testing and vaccination record management, and Safety Essential for digitizing the school safety plan and turning it into a complete communication platform that manages emergency events. We know that funding is crucial to optimizing safety and we are here to help you.
Take part in one of our webinars and learn how our specialists can help you to secure the Ohio Attorney General’s FY22 grant. We will also explain how our solutions fit this important grant. Since the grant can be used for any supplies and equipment relating to school safety, we are confident that you can meet your specific needs by using our solutions.

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