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Honoring Our Safety Superhero Nominees

Rachel Judy
May 20, 2021
CrisisGo's Teacher Appreciation Month Giveaway continues throughout May. We wanted to acknowledge some nominations early, highlighting those Safety Superheroes who have gone above and beyond for their students and communities.
Here are just some of the many notable honors; read their stories to get inspired:
Heath Kintzel, Andover Public Schools
There is no bigger hero than SRO Heath Kintzel. Heath leads our safety and security team and does the CrisisGo training for our district. His dedication to the safety of our students and staff is incredible. He lovingly invests his knowledge and skills to keep us safe. We wouldn't be where we are without him.
Sarah Green arrives to work every day on a mission to keep A.W. Brown safe and healthy. She will do anything for our students, staff, and families. As the athletics and extracurricular teacher, she was faced with many new responsibilities this year. She was trained and began administering weekly COVID-19 tests to staff and students who requested them, supporting us on campus and in district offices. Recently she fractured her leg, and nothing has stopped her. She rides past everyone in her scooter with a smile, asking how she can be of assistance. She is our real-life, on-campus superhero. We truly commend her for her compassion, commitment, and communication skills as she strives to keep us safe and healthy.
Caleb Chadwick, Santa Barbara Unified
Mr. Chadwick was teaching Construction Tech virtually during the pandemic. Not an easy task. My 9th-grade son Alex was in this class, and Mr. Chadwick constantly used new backdrops to keep his students engaged. He gathered materials for students to build projects at home and even offered pickup hours for students to get supplies. When we could not make pickup time, Mr. Chadwick would deliver materials to our house and even brought his saw to help my son get started. He went above and beyond and definitely deserves recognition.
Jenna is the Health Officer for the Ann Arbor Public Schools. She's also the Executive Director of the District Recreation and Education Program, which provides after-school and evening recreational and team sports programs as well as before and after school childcare programs. As Safety Officer for AAPS, she's responsible for developing the district metrics for our back-to-school plan and monitoring COVID-19 cases. Jenna's also responsible for leading and training the district's contract tracing team since the county health department cannot support a district of our size. Jenna and her team have worked tirelessly for months on the district's COVID response. Jenna has coordinated testing and vaccination clinics and is the "face" of the Ann Arbor Public School's COVID-19 response plan.
Amanda brought the CrisisGo application to my attention, which then was shared with our Board of Education. She was instrumental in setting up the training and supporting all four district buildings. Amanda cares deeply about the safety of not only our schools' students but every student throughout the district. She is a model educator in how she works to support everyone's needs.
Gerald Smith, Pasco County Schools
Gerry is a Sargent for the Pasco School District in Florida; he took time to learn the CrisisGo platform and has taught school admins, teachers, and staff at 7 different schools how to use the app. He also assists in patrolling the schools and is very involved with all the students. Gerry is a true Safety Superhero!
Michelle Smith, Cicero District 99
We're so lucky that our district uses Safety iPass for all teachers and staff. Michelle goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of her students and colleagues. She has helped many teachers in her school download the CrisisGo app and has made a great effort to make sure everyone can access CrisisGo anytime and anywhere. She cleans her classroom daily to make sure it is the safest learning environment for all of her students!
Melody Carroll, Dilley High School
Mrs. Carroll meets monthly with our safety committee to assess opportunities for safety improvement. She schedules and meets with community members, including local ministers, police chiefs, parents, and others, to coordinate city-wide emergency response efforts. Mrs. Carroll partners with the Texas State Safety Center to highlight areas for review, making, and implementing needed safety improvements for students and staff. In short, Mrs. Carroll is Super Safety Fantastic!
Kandi loves her students dearly. As challenging as this school year has been, Kandi worked so hard to make it as normal as possible and memorable for each of her students, spending her own money and time in doing so. She's put together school supplies and surprises for her students and then personally hand delivers them on each student's porch. She continuously disinfects the classroom so students can have the best learning environment. She's the most selfless teacher I know. Her students genuinely love coming to school.
CrisisGo sends a huge thank you to these excellent examples of Safety Superheroes. We appreciate all you do to help shape your school into a safer place, inspiring others to help their students and communities.
We'd love to highlight someone you know as our next Safety Superhero. If you haven't nominated them yet, do it quick! There's only one winner left to choose!
Submissions ended May 26, 2021.

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