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bullying at school

Why Stop with a Reporting Line?

Rachel Judy
April 13, 2021

The long-lasting effects of bullying and adverse mental health issues become even more apparent after the pandemic. Despite school officials and parents encouraging children to talk about these issues, the problems continue to grow. Why is that? This obstacle is due to many reasons, one of the greatest being the child's reluctance to report. Countless studies show students are afraid to tell parents, school leaders, and even peers about these struggles; in fear of judgment or even punishment.

A common thread in schools returning to class across the nation is managing bullying and mental health issues successfully. The most effective and successful way to do this has been the availability of anonymous reporting options for students. Using anonymous reporting lines can allow students the opportunity to come forward and report their struggles.

CrisisGo's Safe2SpeakUP app is the student companion to CrisisGo's Bully & Tips reporting tool. Using Safe2SpeakUP allows students to report bully-related activity involving themselves or their friends. Students can also submit school incident tips or reports to their school's safety team.

But a reporting line is just the first step, so what's next? Did you know you can have all of your organization's safety needs in one easy, unified place?

We believe successful mental health and threat assessment systems start with communication. Our latest safety platform, Safety Intervention Manager, provides the ability to accelerate the early identification of those in need of support and allow your teams to assess and manage multiple cases simultaneously. Our easy-to-use platform expands your organization's capacity to support your stakeholder's mental health needs while proactively creating a safe, positive, and supportive school and organizational culture.

With Safety Intervention Manager, you can; survey students, staff, and employees to address the root cause of concerns, identifying those in need of mental health support early, by electronically scheduling intelligent surveys and universal mental health screenings, all while collecting tips via anonymous real-time two-way reporting.

CrisisGo's Safety Intervention Manager unites behavioral risk assessment, reporting, and intervention tools in a single solution. So why stop with a reporting line when you can have all the tools you need in one single solution?

Upgrade today and have everything handled, stress-free, in one place.

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