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Improving School Safety in the Prairie State through the Use of Technology

Carolyn Vento
February 17, 2022
As we are seeing throughout America, school communities in Illinois are looking for the best ways to stay safe. In Chicago, teachers are spending much of their days dealing with students’ emotional and mental struggles, which have become more complex than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff members are overwhelmed with cases, causing them to feel drained. There is much concern about the mental health of students and how to make sure that all children have support within their schools. In an effort to improve school safety and in response to the recent Michigan school shooting, the Illinois Education Association is partnering with legislators to ensure that school districts are complying with state school safety laws. There is a great need for the ability to proactively prevent violent events with mental health screenings, to report concerning behaviors, and to assess situations as they arise. On top of all of these concerns is the demanding task of managing COVID-19 safety practices according to local, state, and federal guidelines.
It can be seen that school safety encompasses a wide range of areas—physical safety from threatening emergency situations, health protection from COVID-19, mental health awareness, and more. With so much at stake, schools should take action to ensure that the plans that they have are organized and readily available. Digitizing data is the best way to verify that the information stays confidential and secure. It is important that any new safety technology is user-friendly and ultimately going to make everyone’s lives simpler.
CrisisGo offers several solutions for carefully and easily digitizing your school safety plans. Safety Essential is ideal for turning your plan into a complete communication platform that manages emergency events. Safety iPass streamlines COVID testing and vaccination record management. Safety Intervention Manager is a mental health solution that includes the features of behavioral risk assessment, reporting, and intervention. We know that optimizing safety is a priority and we are here to help you with our easy-to-use, secure solutions.
Join our webinar on February 23, 2022 at 1:00PM CST to learn how CrisisGo’s solutions can digitize your data and save your staff time and effort. We will show you how together we can protect the welfare of Illinois communities as our mission is to create a safe learning environment for all.

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