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Tensions Rising in the Lone Star State: How COVID-19 is Overwhelming Schools

Carolyn Vento
February 6, 2022
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, job duties have changed and most people have additional, unfamiliar responsibilities. Tensions are rising throughout Texas, especially for those in school settings. School nurses are performing their regular duties, but now must also deal with COVID-related problems like tracking absent students and determining whether or not they’ll need a COVID test to come back. Teachers are testing positive for COVID-19 or having to quarantine after being close contacts, and as a result there are staff shortages throughout the state. Administrators are scrambling to fill positions. In one district, parents have stepped in as substitute teachers and one superintendent said the crisis is like "putting a puzzle together."
Students are also experiencing stress, with some walking out to bring attention to their requests for more pandemic precautions. They want to bring back contact tracing to all Texas schools. They feel a strain on their mental health from struggling with isolation last year during virtual learning to now fighting for better safety protocols in schools this year. As a result, school psychologists and social workers are dealing with caseloads that are larger than they’ve ever seen.
The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is constantly working with state officials and departments to coordinate the state’s response to COVID-19. Due to resulting stress, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has launched a statewide mental health support line. With an abundance of resources available, there is a great need for schools to streamline the information. CrisisGo is ready to help with this task of safeguarding students and staff as we are constantly evolving based on the needs of our customers.
Join our webinar on February 24, 2022 at 11 AM CST to learn how CrisisGo’s solutions, such as roster integration, can streamline your testing process and save your staff time and effort. Our mission is to create a safe learning environment for all. Whether through our traditional safety platform, Safety Essential, our COVID-19 pandemic response solution, Safety iPass, or our mental health tool, Safety Intervention Manager, we are here to protect the welfare of Texas communities.

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